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Create Value & Capture Revenue

B2B company – Turn Your Competitive Advantage into Cash Flow.

  • Arvova.AI reveals what your B2B customers really value
  • You invest where returns are highest
  • You engage your people to create value

How Arvova.AI Creates Value?

Arvova.AI gives us unique measurement data about our competitive advantages. We can closely monitor the development of our strategic competitive advantages and evaluate the performance of our preferred competitors.

CEO of an Insurance company

With Arvova.AI's data, I can catch up with the value drivers of different customer segments and decision-makers. I utilize data in sales and managing the entire team.

Area Director, Key Account Sales

Yes, this is the kind of nerd's wet day dream.

A data oriented Business Director in B2B Logistics company

Arvova.AI data helps us see from many directions what customers and potential customers really think of us.

Head of Sales of a market leader

Arvova.AI data gives us a framework for what we can start fixing throughout our business. It also makes it easier for us to get everyone on board and move in a common direction to build value.


We noticed that we were not using our existing tools effectively enough. With small investments, we can create vastly more value.

Head of Key Account Management in Building Maintenance

Arvova.AI helps us optimize investments and see concretely how competitive advantage investments are yielding.

Marketing and Communications Director in Bilding Industry

Arvova.AI helps us optimize investments and see concretely how competitive advantage investments are yielding.


They trust and partner with us


Creating and Capturing competitive advantage and customer value is a challenge even to the most successful companies. Arvova.AI helps you to

  • Create Customer value and competitive advantage with a minimum investment

  • Calculate and measure the value created and return on investment

  • Communicate the value created both in your market and inside your organization

  • Capture the value in your sales, prizing and bottom line


Measure, set strategic and tactical targets and follow up with constantly updated data.

Transparent customer value flow based on data helps you create and share goals with the entire organization and your value chain.